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Pre-Submission Review Services (ASSURETM)

The exclusive, systematic and user-friendly health economic model validation service by ConnectHEOR


Clinical and Technical Validation

Increase Confidence in your model

Unobserved Critical Insights

Why systematic internal and external validation for health economic models is inevitable?

Models are prone to modeler’s bias and calculation errors

Poorly validated models have impact on policy decision making, leading to delays in reimbursement and access to patients

Non-standardized validation methods could miss some important errors in economic models. These errors may increase appraisal processing times, alter the final recommendations and have a significant impact on outcomes for stakeholders

Let us look at some recent literature


A review of CADTH model submissions in 2020 revealed that limitations and questionable assumptions in models could have an impact on the ICER of as high as ~CAD430,0001

United Kingdom

A review of model submissions revealed that on average five errors identified in each single technology appraisal submitted to NICE2



A review of PBAC model submissions revealed that 61% submissions had serious problems3


So what is the solution?

We present to you a standardized solution for robust HTA ready models!

Let us understand how ASSURETM can help your modeling projects? Watch this short video –

What can ASSURETM do?

You can benefit from ASSURETM for your different type of models and their various stages of lifecycle such as for –

Global Cost Effectiveness or Budget Impact models

Models for internal pricing decisions

Models for publications

Adapted Model for a specific country HTA submission

Early models for Go/ No-go decisions

Indeed, for all your modelling needs!

You receive a detailed report on the tool findings which you can also use as an annexure in your HTA submission to gain confidence from HTA agencies!

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