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ConnectHEOR provides high-quality HEOR and RWE services to generate research-based evidence. We support by demystifying HEOR challenges and efficiently demonstrating a product’s value for internal and external decision making.


Health Economic Modelling

Cutting-edge methods to ensure scientifically robust and user-friendly models


RWE & Data Analytics

Analysis of Real World Data to study disease epidemiology and its impact in each phase of product lifecycle


Review & Evidence Synthesis

Assessment of different studies within the scope of existing knowledge for a specific objective


Market access and Value communication

Effectively communicating the clinical and economic value of healthcare technologies to payers and reimbursement agencies


HEOR Training

In a small group or personalized one on one session learn HEOR concepts from basic to advanced from the best in industry experts


Patient-Centric Research

Active and effective involvement of patients throughout the research (start to end and beyond) for holistic and shared healthcare decision-making. ​

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