Market Access &
Value Communication

Strategizing and communicating the value of health technologies for timely access to patients

What is Market access in
HEOR parlance?

The core concept for market access is to search and effectively communicate the clinical and economic value of the healthcare technology to the payers and reimbursement agencies

How do we make a difference?

Through our market access and value communication services, we identify evidence needs, suggest strategies, produce value propositions and support HTA submissions for appropriate market access and communication to key stakeholders

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Everything you may need

Value Communication


  • Global value dossiers
  • AMCP dossiers
  • Local HTA/ reimbursement dossiers
  • User-friendly or interactive payer materials

    Strategic market access support


  • Payer and HTA Landscape assessments
  • Evidence gap analysis
  • Payer advisory board meetings and interviews
  • Internal trainings and workshops

    Dissemination and writing support


  • Manuscript Conference abstracts and posters
  • White papers and commentaries
  • Blogs and newsletters Webinars
  • Customized user-friendly tools or digital applications for payers

    Case Study

    A Global Health Economic Strategy for a Treatment in Inflammatory Bowel Disease: HTA Review, Expert Interviews, Economic Model, and Value-based Assessment

    The Problem

    A small pharmaceutical company had promising phase II clinical trial results for a treatment in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). In preparation for the product launch, the company was seeking to draft an efficient global health economics and market access strategy.

    The Solution

    Conducted a review of health technology assessments (HTAs) and HTA guidelines in IBD in different countries to understand the clinical and economic drivers influencing HTA decisions

    Identified and interviewed country-specific experts to complement HTA review findings and attain local market insights on potential future policy changes

    Developed an early user-friendly global health economic model, considering HTA-submission standards, for internal decision making

    Conducted value-based pricing analysis to assess the impact of product’s price on cost-effectiveness at different country-specific reference thresholds

    Provided recommendations on phase III health economic data collection, product pricing and target markets to assist the company’s HEOR and other internal teams in HTA submission planning

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