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BootCamp10: Health Economic Model Development using MS Excel/VBA

       About the Course

In a small batch of students you will learn developing health economic models in 10 hours from scratch and their importance in decision making

The course will equip you with the tools to design, analyse, and
interpret cost-effectiveness models in your decision context

You will be trained hands-on with the tutor, with personalized
attention and time to discuss your questions (around 20 minutes
in each session)


>> March 2023 Batch

14th, 15th , 21st and 22nd March 2023 (4-days)


1:00 PM- 3:30 PM GMT  OR
6:30 PM- 9:00 PM IST OR
8 AM- 10:30 AM EST

(2.5 hours sessions each day)

The Course has four modules –

Introduction to theoretical foundations around  importance of modelling

Hands on development of decision tree, Markov and Partitioned Survival Models

Interpreting modelling results, performing model validation and hands-on exercises

Concept of uncertainty and hands-on implementation of OWSA and PSA using VBA

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    Dr. Pinaki Ghosh

    The training was much better than what I expected. What I like most about the training is the simplicity of explanation for complex problems

    Dr. Pinaki Ghosh
    Market Access and HEOR, B Braun Medical

    Dr Vallish BN

    After attending four 2.5-hr sessions of this ConnectHEOR bootcamp on health economic model development using Excel/ VBA, I got an extensive insight into the world of economic modeling. This is the perfect course for anyone who wants to learn the skill of economic modeling through decision tree, Markov modelling, and partitioned survival modelling approaches. The tutor, is a highly experienced modeller, and he kept the sessions engaging and interactive through his rich experience. Though not essential, a prior knowledge of VBA can make this course even more engaging.

    Dr Vallish BN
    MarksMan Healthcare Communications

    Victor Preckler Moreno

    The course is well structured, and the teacher is very experienced and explains complex concepts in an easy and understandable way. The course gives the opportunity to acquire more experience on modeling and the material provided by the teacher is perfect to continue progressing in this field

    Victor Preckler Moreno
    Senior HEOR Manager, Biopharmaceutical Company

    Diwakar Jha

    This course is apt in clearing the fundamentals of economic modeling. I really appreciate the effort of the ConnectHEOR team and Tushar for explaining difficult concepts in a language comprehensible to audience with a non-statistical/ non-modeling background.

    Diwakar Jha
    Consultant, IQVIA

    Dr. Pinaki Ghosh

    The training of Connect HEOR is really very engaging, hands on and helps the participant in experiential learning. The management by Kunal and scientific acumen of Tushar makes it a joyride. I would surely recommend this curriculum to new and experienced practitioners in HEOR & Market Access.

    Dr. Pinaki Ghosh
    Market Access and HEOR, B Braun Medical

    Tatenda Maoko

    The training was interactive and informative. I recommend it to anyone who wants to enhance their health economic modeling skills

    Tatenda Maoko
    MSc Health Economics, UK

    Aparajita Tyagi

    My initial mentor in the HEOR domain and one of the most dedicated professionals in the industry- Tushar Srivastava has organised a series of highly specialised training on HE Modelling. Do give a visit to the page to know more and sign up for some hands-on learning by some of the best minds in the game.

    Aparajita Tyagi
    Global HEOR Manager, Biopharmaceutical Company

    Diwakar Jha

    The training is very well organized and Tushar’s sessions are very engaging. It helped me to understand the statistical/ modeling concepts using vba/excel even though I dont have much programming background.

    Diwakar Jha
    Consultant, IQVIA

    Lichang Liu

    This seminar is introduced by my academic supervisor Tushar Srivastava, who has great experience and specialty in modeling. If you do want to learn how to construct a health economic model in a professional way, please give a visit and sign up for some hands-on experience.


    Lichang Liu
    Project Manager, HEOR and RWS Consultancy Company


    Mr. Srivastava is an excellent teacher of health economics and provides an in-depth understanding of the subject matter. He provided me with a lot of examples to support his teaching so that I could grasp the topic matters relating to modelling more easily.


    HEOR Consultant,Consultancy Company

    Mohamed Ezzat

    I would like to Thank eminent tutors & Mentors for this great opportunity and waiting for upcoming training

    Mohamed Ezzat
    Market Access and HEOR, Takeda Pharmaceuticals

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